General questions
Yes, you are required to create an online account before you can view your results. When creating the account, you will be required to provide details that allow us to verify your identity and keep your information secure.
You should allow 48 to 72 hours for new results to become available after your test. You will not be able to create an online account until your results are finalized and avaiable for verification.
Any questions or concerns about the information contained in your report should be communicated with your doctor or the healthcare provider who administered the test. Helix Diagnostics cannot provide direct medical information or advice to patients.
Registration and Logging In
In order to create an online account and view your results, we will need to verify your identity. We do this by asking for specific pieces of information that you provide at the time of service, along with information given to you by your service provider.
Your birthday as was provided by you at the time of service.
Accession Identifier
A unique identifier for the test you had performed that was provided at the time of service. This value usually starts with the letters 'HLX'.
Phone Number
A valid phone number that you own that can receive SMS text messages or voice calls. We use this device that you own to send a special security code you will need to complete registration.
Be sure to review any messages your recieve when you can't register. These messages will often provide the reason for the error and ways you can correct it quickly and gain access to your results.
"We were unable to validate the Patient Id or Accession Number you provided..."
If you have confirmed that all of the information is correct on the Verification screen but you still receive the message above, please be sure that enough time has passed before you try to register a new account. You will only be able to create an account after your test has been processed and a report has been generated. If you continue to receive this message after waiting or after receiving a confirmation text message, please contact Client Services for addtional support.
As a part of confirming your identity we need to provide you with a one-time code via SMS text message or automated phone call. When creating a new account, be sure to provide a current, active phone line.
Note that land line phones and some pre-paid mobile phones do not allow inbound SMS text messages. If you are not receiving a text message with the code for confirmation, be sure that you select "Automated Phone Call" when asked how you want to confirm your account.
If you have an issue with a confirmation code during registration, you can request a new code on the confirmation screen by clicking on the link where it reads "Need a new code?". This will cancel the verification for the previous code and send you a new one.
Managing User Options
Helix Portal can send you alerts when you have new test results avaiable for review and is enabled by default for most patients. To disable or change how you receive automated notifications, go to your Account Managment page by clicking on the circle letter icon in the upper right hand corner of the page and selecting Preferences.
Note that if you would like to receive notifications via email but the option is disabled, be sure that you have provided an Email under the Email tab and that you have verified the address.

Additional Support Options

If you are still having issues or can't find the answer you're looking for you can contact the Client Services team at Helix. Find all of the contact information you need, including phone, email and online support form submission at